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Custom Designs for Bathroom Mirrors

When you renovate your bathroom, the finishing touches make all the difference to your overall design. You can make the most of your new space by installing custom mirrors to make the room look exactly how you want it.

Mirrors in bathroom provide more than just function. They affect lighting and space perception, and, if you choose the right design, they can even be used for storage. Learn about some interesting custom mirror designs you can try in your bathroom.

Mirrored Cabinetry

A timeless design that can bring extra storage to your bathroom is shallow cabinets with mirrors set into the doors. This is an excellent solution for a bathroom that has a small footprint which doesn’t allow for other storage options, such as a large cabinet or sink vanity.

If you want a more modern look, use mirrors that double as cabinet fronts without any cabinet framing. For a classic, more traditional look, opt for white or light-colored wood cabinets that frame the mirror insert in the middle of the cabinet door. If you have a set of cabinet mirrors from wall to wall, it can almost make a window effect in the room that amplifies the light.

Pivoting Mirrors

Have you ever had to lean in to look at your face at just the right angle in the mirror, possibly cricking your neck in the process? Solve this problem by choosing to install mirrors that pivot. These mirrors sit out from the wall, and they can be circle, oval, or square in shape.

Pivoting mirrors are secured to two hinges that fix at the sides of the mirror, allowing you to tilt the mirror up or down to get a better look at your face as you apply makeup, curl your hair, or try to get a good look at your chin.

These mirrors can also help to accommodate families who have people of differing heights. If you have someone in a wheelchair, a mirror that tips down can be useful for them, but other users who can stand can tilt the mirror back up.

Unframed Mirrors

If you simply want a basic mirror to hang on your wall, but you don’t want a generic framed mirror from the store, consider a custom unframed mirror instead. People who love simple, minimalist styles will enjoy the uncluttered look this type of mirror offers. Check with your local custom glass specialist (like Edmonton Elite Glass) to see what we can create for you so you get a shape and size that blend in perfectly with your bathroom.

Layered Mirrors

If you’re looking for designs that are edgier than basic framed mirrors, you might try layered mirrors. Layered mirrors put one mirror shape on top of another for a more dimensional look.

Usually, you choose shapes that complement each other. For example, you could put a circle mirror over a square one. But you could also stack mirrors of the same shape but with smaller or larger components. The extra mirror that forms the base layer acts as a frame for the smaller mirrors but reflects more light and provides more texture than a flat mirror of the same size would.

Hanging Mirrors

Sometimes, hanging a mirror on a wall is too predictable. You might want to provide the illusion of a mirror that floats in front of the wall. If you have a textured wall or a wall with special lighting or a water feature, you want to hang the mirror in front of the wall, usually from the ceiling. You can also hang a mirror in front of the window if your bathroom doesn’t have much wall space.

Different Shapes

You don’t have to stick with circles or squares. Instead, you might want an elongated oval mirror with beveled edges for your over-vanity reflection needs. You might even consider shapes like hexagons or triangles for modern bathrooms.

Custom Finishes

Finally, don’t forget about custom finishes. In some design schemes, the etched or fogged mirror can be a visual statement. These mirrors are decorative, not used for getting ready. They also help to reflect some light into the space without being too shiny or easy to dirty with water spots.

You can have mirrors frosted with all kinds of designs, including florals, geometric shapes, or words from a favorite book. You can even use frosted etching to make a frame around a vanity mirror.

In some older bathroom designs, you can even put up mirrors that have been made to look like antique mirrors with silver backing and seams. Shabby chic and even industrial designs would look nice with this sort of finish. You could even have real antique mirror glass cut to the right shape for your needs.

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